Our Objectives

The main objectives of SASMO are to:

  1. Represent and further the interests of Medical Oncologists in the healthcare sector and to participate in and/or liaise with and/or make submissions to all relevant forums, which shall include, but are not limited to, representation at health sector industry bodies, government departments, legislative bodies and health sector stakeholder collaborations.
  2. Promote medical oncology and the interest of oncology patients in South Africa, through, amongst others, supporting and/or working with patient groups and/or cancer study groups.
  3. Hold at least one scientific meeting every two years, in the form of a congress/conference.
  4. Further all aspects of cancer research in South Africa.
  5. Provide a forum for discussion and the exchange and diffusion of information and ideas relating to neoplastic disease.
  6. Promote collaboration between specialists engaged in different fields of oncology, including the clinical and experimental field.
  7. Promote the care and treatment of patients with cancer.
  8. Further the teaching of medical oncology

Who Should Attend?

  • Medical Oncologists
  • Radiation Oncologists
  • Clinical and Radiation Oncologists
  • Paediatric Oncologists
  • Surgical oncologists
  • Gynaecological oncologists
  • Haematologists
  • Other Specialists with special interest in Oncology
  • Medical officers and general practitioners working in the Oncology field
  • Radiation therapists
  • Medical physicists
  • Oncology pharmacists
  • Clinical trial co-ordinators
  • Oncology nurses
  • Oncology Social workers
  • Sponsoring & exhibiting companies
  • Registrars and fellows specialising in oncology field
  • Trainee radiation therapists, medical physicists and oncology nurses
  • Medical advisors and administration staff involved in authorisation process